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Childhood Dreams

Feb 09, 2023
Childhood dreams  - credit appreciated  mccutcheonphoto

What did you want to become as a grownup when you were a kid?


We all had dreams. Ask a kid today and see how their eyes light up as they tell you. 


I recently visited an elementary school as part of the Girls Inc non-profit after-school program, and I asked this question to the 8-year-old girls who were listening to me speak about my career. I smiled as I saw their eyes light up and I heard the excitement in their voices. 

Their dreams were bold and sweet at the same time. I heard “police officer, firefighter, football player, doctor, and mom”.

What I found interesting is that a lot of these careers are still male-dominated today and these 8-year-old girls were dreaming about them. You Go Girls!!! 



My 8-year-old version wanted to be 3 things:


  • Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Flight attendant


When I reflect on it now, I see the common thread of wanting to help others. I discarded the flight attendant option quickly as I never really enjoyed flying. Turbulence makes me hold on to my neighbor's hands very tight.

The nurse option also went out quickly as I get sick at the sight of blood. I never became a school teacher as the pay was not attractive. But the teacher inside of me is always trying to teach something to myself and to others.


Love for learning is one of my signature strengths according to the VIA Institute on Character strengths finder test.


Learning makes me happy and as the famous quote by Benjamin Whichcote says

"There is no better way to learn than to teach”. 


I love to read, listen to podcasts, sign up for courses, and watch documentaries. I got certified as a Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, and Chief Happiness Officer. These certifications gave me the confidence to share what I learned and continue to learn. 


Connect to your 8-year-old version.

Remember what dreams you had. They may sound silly now, but deep down there was a reason why you wanted to become that thing.


Maybe you admired someone with that career. Why did you admire them? What qualities did that person have? They say that the qualities you admire in other people are already within you. You just have to break the layers of fear and doubt to uncover them.


Your inner child knows exactly what you want, you just have to listen. Go inward and listen. As Rumi beautifully said, “Listen to silence. It has so much to say”. 


I hope you get to connect to your inner child and find that big dream that makes your eyes spark and your heart swell. 





image credit: mccutcheonphoto


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