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I am: The story you tell yourself VS Who you really are

Feb 17, 2023

It’s your first day of class and you are asked to introduce yourself to the group. What do you say?

I would typically start with “Hi, my name is Chio and I am currently the Senior Director of Customer Service at Bacardi. I am originally from Spain and I am a mother of 3 boys. I am a certified Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, Mindset and Leadership Coach, and Chief Happiness Officer. I am also the Founder of My Daily Dose of Wellness”.

What is wrong with all this?

Well, all I have talked about are my achievements or the roles I play in life. These are all parts of my EGO. I haven’t talked about who I really am, my true self, my SOUL.

Our ego was “created” to keep us safe. The ego is fed by fear and the soul is fed by love. As Deepak Chopra clearly states,

“The Ego is not who you really are. The Ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you are playing. Your social mask thrives on approval. It wants control, and it is sustained by power because it lives in fear.”

Most people don’t spend enough time really getting to know their true selves because they are living life in such a rush, going from one thing to the next, that they never make the time to stop, self-reflect and connect with their inner self. I did that for many years.

My life was like a high-speed train, always DOING and never making time for just BEING. I know that’s my default state, so I need to intentionally redirect myself to slow down and connect to my inner voice.

I have learned so much about who I REALLY AM and I have fallen in love with myself. It sounds cheesy but it’s true.

I learned that I am a highly sensitive person who feels very deeply and feels the joy and pain of others in her bones. This allows me to connect deeply with people.

Kindness is my superpower. I used to think it was my weakness or that I was “too nice” as some people used to tell me.

I am passionate and get excited about projects or activities that bring me joy or make me grow. This allows me to achieve whatever I set my mind to.

I am a helper who finds fulfillment in serving others. I reframed my people pleasing into people helping.

I can go on and on about myself, but that’s not the point of this post.

I really want YOU to stop and think. Do the inner-work to increase your self-awareness. There are so many tools out there. Connect to your inner child, your inner self, your soul. The more in-tune you are with your soul, the closer you will be to finding your Life Purpose, and the happier you will be.

Next time someone asks you to introduce yourself, make sure you also talk about who YOU really are at the core. You will make people smile and you will connect to their hearts.




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