6 weeks of deep inner work to create transformational change in all areas of your life to create more JOY and FULFILLMENT without losing your BALANCE 



Your dedication, passion, and unwavering support have been nothing short of inspirational. Your guidance has not only imparted valuable knowledge but has truly been a beacon of motivation, pushing me to aspire and strive for more in my life.

The depth of insight and practical wisdom you've shared has ignited a renewed passion and vision within me. Your energy, enthusiasm, and the genuine care you put into every session made this journey transformative.

Thank you, Chio, for being an exceptional coach and for helping me navigate the path to my dream life. Your impact is immeasurable, and I am genuinely grateful to have been a part of this course.


Sara Enriquez - Author, Writer

This program is designed to empower women to increase self-confidence, fall in love with themselves, and create more joy and fulfillment without losing their balance, using a research-backed curriculum that draws from positive psychology, the science of happiness, and the foundations of well-being and resiliency.

Hey chica,

  • You have many things to be grateful for, but somehow you feel like something is missing in your life and you don’t know what it is. Your inner voice is telling you there is more for you.

  • You are overwhelmed with life responsibilities and you wish you had more time and freedom to do the things that feed your soul.

  • You have been postponing your personal dreams while attending to everyone else’s needs and you believe that this is the time to focus on YOU.

Now imagine that...

  • You are thriving in your relationships, creating and cultivating meaningful connections.

  • You are feeling fully alive, joyful, and fulfilled, living the life of your dreams. 

  • You are resilient and unshakeable, feeling a sense of inner peace even during the storms of life.

Chio es una persona increíble, con una personalidad tranquila y carismática que logra sacar lo mejor de cada persona. Con este gran curso logra que la curiosidad aparezca en nosotras, aumentemos nuestro autoconocimiento y lo mas importante nos da las herramientas para vivir el presente en paz y positividad. Es un curso dinamico, divertido y reparador. Loved it!

Eloisa Gamio

Hi, It's your coach Chio Zubiria here!

I spent my 20’s building my career in the corporate world in a male-dominated industry, alwaying feeling the pressure to perform and prove myself. I spent my 30s juggling between building a family and growing my career. I hardly had any time for myself.

My life felt like a high-speed train, always running at 100 miles per hour.

The pressure to please others coupled with my high achiever qualities took me to hit burnout twice in my life and develop an auto-immune disease.

I thought I had everything I wanted, a great job, beautiful family, a nice home in a lovely neighborhood. Somehow I kept hearing my inner voice telling me “there is something more, keep searching”.

I did a lot of soul searching and self development work over the last 10 years. I turned inward and let my intuition guide me. I followed my passions and found great opportunities along the way.

I learned that life is all about balance, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the yin and the yan, work and life, etc.

Balance is not something you find, but rather something you create, and it takes a lot of self-awareness, discipline, daily habits, and practice. I was able to create more joy and fulfillment in my life. I turned my life around.

I created this program for YOU! I know I can help you create more fulfillment and joy without sacrificing your health and relationships.  

Join the Create Your Dream Life transformational group coaching program.  




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 As Warren Buffet wisely said, "By far the best investment you can make is in yourself."


You owe it to yourself. It demonstrates that you value your self-worth and that you BELIEVE in yourself.


Dreams stay up in the air until you step into COURAGE and take action. This is your chance to take that first step.


Save your seat, download your Welcome Packet and get access to our private learning platform!

The program runs for 6 weeks. We will be meeting virtually every Thursday at 6:30 pm for 75 Minutes.
Spaces are limited to keep it intimate because we are going DEEP.

So don’t wait, claim your spot today.



Meet your coach

     Chio Zubiria is a leader in the corporate world working in multidisciplinary functions at Bacardi over the last 25 years. She is a certified 200hr Yoga Instructor, Heath Coach, and Chief Happiness Officer. Chio is passionate about women’s empowerment and human transformation and has been facilitating Women’s Leadership Development workshops at Bacardi over the last 5 years. She supports non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause such as The Women’s Edge and Girls Inc of Greater Miami, serving as a BOD member.

Don’t wait, this is the time for YOU. Invest in yourself. It’s never too late. Life is too short and precious, you deserve to live it to the fullest. Together, let’s Create Your Dream Life. 

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